Based in Denmark and with
a passion for Nordic design

For many years, our founder of Nordic D’LUXX Claus Brøndum Henriksen was annoyed at having to replace Flowerpots in the garden every two or three years, because they could not withstand freezing temperatures in winter and sun in summer.

Here were his thoughts:
The cost, the hassle of disposing of the old ones and getting new ones. And last but not least, the environmental impact made me rethink the concept of planters. Why not make real outdoor products that can last for many years and not have a negative impact on our planet and at the same time include some additional cool features.
What if we made waterproof speakers with brand new Bluetooth technology that gives you wirelessly link to every other NORDIC D’LUXX you have. Being able to play music on 8-10 or more speakers at the same time. There should be built-in LED lights in all colors and then they should all be controllable in a free APP for iOS and Android with Timer, preset programs like Random, Candle and SPA. And of course with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery.

The Design:
We teamed up with the Danish designer Henrik Pedersen from 365 North, who designed the elegant Nordic design.
We found an LLDPE recyclable material that can withstand -20 degrees and is not decomposed by UV light. An LLDPE material that can be recycled 100% 5-6 times, and we made an effort to ensure that all electronic components can be separated in order to recycle 100%. The products are even “food contact approved”, so no dangerous components are used at all.
These are the all new NORDIC D’LUXX outdoor planters and lanterns Designed to bring life and sophistication to gardens, terraces, backyards, and anywhere you spend time outside.

High quality enduring Danish design.

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