Nordic D’LUXX
Nordic D’LUXX
Nordic D’LUXX
Nordic D’LUXX


Built-in light and bluetooth audio for a cosy living. Experience the multifunctional Flowerpot And Lantern

This beautiful NORDIC D’LUXX Lantern designed by the Danish designer Henrik Pedersen from 365° NORTH have almost unlimited usage possibilities, both indoor and outdoor.  NORDIC D’LUXX  Lantern has built in light and is the obvious choice to be used outdoor and indoor as cozy light source with ordinary light or candle flame. Light in a myriad of colors makes it possible via the app to set your favorite color or to apply one of the pre-set light programmes such as Light Therapy, Sunrise , Breathing, Random or Candle Light. Lights up to 30 hours on a fully charged battery.  Further on/off timing can be set by using the timer-function.

Lantern has built-in lithium battery for wireless use. Adapter IP44 approved for outdoor use, it can therefore also be placed outdoors in the garden. Manufactured in a fracture resistant and frost-proof plastic LLDE material that tolerates temperatures down to minus 20 degrees Celsius, with a nice leather handle with stainless steel rivets.  IP65 approved for outdoor use. CE approved.

Nordic D’LUXX

Lantern – Small

LANTERN S LIGHT & APP with LED 4 x 1 W (RGB W), can light up to 30 hours on fully charged battery. Bluetooth V. 4.0. You can adjust the light and color tones or use the preprogrammed light settings in the APP. Further on/off timing can be set by using the timer-function.



Height: 9 cm. Diameter: 10 cm.


item 10330:  1 pack

item 10332:  2 pack

item 10333: 3 pack


Nordic D’LUXX

Light – flexible mood

Control the LED light and create the atmosphere that suits your room or your mood – all by a single touch in the app.


Choose the preselected light in the APP such as Spa Light, Sunrise, Breathing, Random or Candle Light or make your own.